5 Amazing Things To Do In St Ives

St Ives is built on a narrow peninsula, dotted with many exotic sandy beaches and has the fortune of having a rich artistic heritage which is celebrated nationally and internationally. The list below is just a few things that you need to do:

  1. Chapel of St. Nicholas

This small chapel is perched on ‘The Island’ of St Ives and is made for St. Nicholas, who is known as the patron saint of children and sailors. Throughout the years, the chapel has served as a place of worship, a look-out for revenue officers in the 18th Century, and a store for the War Office who partially demolished it in 1904. It was restored in 1911 to commemorate the Coronation of King George V. This place is perfect for bird watchers. Discover benches around the chapel for a moment of peace and quiet. Watch the crashing waves fall onto the rocks below.

  1. The Sloop Inn Pub

If you like drinking ale and indulging in fresh seafood, The Sloop Inn is the perfect place. This very old inn has tons of character and cozy sitting area. The pub is known for serving up local ale like Doom Bar and dishes like seafood tagliatelle. Have lunch or dinner from their bar menu or seafood restaurant at very reasonable prices.

  1. The Seafood Cafe

This Cafe offers a selection of fresh local seafood, Cornish meats and a variety of poultry. The mains are accompanied by fresh salads, potatoes, and servings of chips. Who doesn’t like chips? But that’s not it; the best part about this place is that you get to choose your own seafood before eating it! This restaurant is nice for an evening out where you must expect to pay around £20 a person for dinner and drinks.

  1. Beaches

For a town of its size, St Ives is blessed with an abundance of beaches. Not only are they numerous but these are without question some of the best beaches in the world. There are 4 main beaches within walking distance of the town, each with a character of its own. Porthmeor is perhaps the most famous one. It faces into the Atlantic and back on to the Tate Gallery; gives you the opportunity to dive in the water and the heritage. Porthminster is the second biggest and is conveniently located next to the train and bus stations. Too hot a bus ride? Let’s go for a dive! The Harbor Beach is right in the center of town and is a great, safe option to go with family. Porthgwidden is tucked away around the corner from all the hustle and bustle with beach huts available. This is where you go to relax and to get away from the world.

  1. Man’s Head and the Island

The Island is the imposing headland that juts out into the sea from the spit of land that separates the harbor and Porthmeor beach. In ancient times it was a promontory fort but these days it is probably better known as the location of the coastguard lookout. Unsurprisingly, the views out over St Ives and the Bay are spectacular from the top of the Island.


Caribbean Cruise Package Deals For New Married Couples

Being engages is the tough time for the relationship of young couples. Wedding planning is a very stressful thing.  Royal Caribbean cruise offers you cheap deals on wedding cruise line. The couple wedding board is decorated on the ship and the staff of Royal Caribbean manages with the rest of thing. They help the couple to get marriage licenses whenever it is possible.

In the case of having an issue with your families, a cruise line wedding is the great selection. It allows you go far away from every one of your belongings for your wedding ceremony. You can go to Greece, Hawaii, Alaska, Aruba, Mexico, Italy, Vancouver and many other exotic locations.   On the other hand, if you would like to get married someplace where your family member can join you easily and leave to sail with the flowing water of the sea. Caribbean cruise package deals offer you different wedding package. Baltimore, Cape Liberty, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Baltimore, San Diego, Los Angles, San Pedro,

If you would like to get married in the Caribbean, your family can join you at the time of wedding ceremoney and leave you free to sail in the beautiful scene of sunset together. These cruise offers diferent wedding packages in different locations as per your expectations.

All these are the best place for a cruise onboard wedding while other offers you a chance to get married on the shore. You can select your visitors on the board and get married on the port of call with your loved ones. It gives you a chance to get married in a unique way.

These cruise lines offer different wedding options with beautiful ceremony setting including cake flowers, music, a groom boutonniere, a bridal bouquet with love, a framed photograph, a photographer, a bottle of Champaign with wedding couple names, the ship name and the date for a different keepsake. The marriage certificate or license is provided. And Caribbean cruises Carnival include breakfast in a room and photo album with champagne for the couple. Getting married with this cruise is an incredible experience that every young couple should consider.

These ships will take you to the exuberant places with countless onboard facilities to add an exquisite touch to your trip. It provides you with a great course to feel good. Explore the magical beauty of waters and cities as these cruises are full of modern amenities. Retreats at several ports of call look more splendid and wonderful if you travel through Royal Caribbean ship.

If you want to rejuvenate yourself, you should pamper at the spa of Royal Caribbean cruise line where you can enjoy the pleasure of couple massage for you. If you are sports lovers, do not miss the climbing of rock wall that gives you exciting, adventurous experience on board deck.  You can opt the surfing with simulators and scuba diving. If you are accompanying your beloved, you should spend your romantic time with night dinner and drinks at different fine restaurants. You can easily relax by the side of the pool and do nothing.

Get Something Exciting From Trip-Dubai To Barcelona On Legend Of The Seas

The Legend of the Seas is the ship of Royal Caribbean Vision-class, and the elegant profile of this ship has bene seen worldwide from the Mediterranean boundaries to the Caribbean Sea. The design of ship is the first

An item that strikes the travellers once they board the shipping liner from its deck great atrium to the widespread decks and the use of glass extensively to create airy feeling and light that has ensured the popularity and success of this ship.

If you have planned to spend your holidays in Dubai and Barcelona, it will be the best holiday time you ever enjoy. I suggest travelling on the legend of the seas from Dubai to Barcelona. Your travel starts with a flight to the Dubai where you may spend one night in four or five-star hotel; it is all based on your budget. You will start your sail on the thirteen night’s legend of the seas ship from Dubai, visiting different cities such as Athens, Malta, Suez, and finally Barcelona. It will end with an airline flight back home town.

On the route of beautiful sea vision, you will never miss the sight of why do you come onboard thanks to advanced features from restaurants to technology to new home ports in Lauderdale, FT and Tampa. You can enjoy the experience of the centrum, staterooms, a show of aerial acrobatics and outdoor movie screen. Also, there are new dining sitting experiences onboard that are the family style of an Italian trattoria.

Onboard, there are swimming pools of different sizes raft leisure activities and facilities. For golf lovers, there is a course that repeats the real topography of actual golf course, a gym, a jogging track and fitness centre that offer yoga and aerobics. Some other distractions are a steam room and Sauna and an outdoor spa. Royal Caribbean feels great proud in their family and children facilities that include the programmed Adventure Ocean.

Legend of the Seas offers vacation possibilities for everyone. Here, you can learn salsa dancing and Italian. To conclude the ice stake and rock wall on the equator, you will get the new exciting feeling with duty-free designer shopping and a hot massage. See, learn and do more at sea that you ever imagine.

It also offers a variety of international food to enjoy. From simple cupcakes to California rolls, there is the availability of five-course gourmet meal. Journey in the legends of the Seas cruise is the culinary discovery. They have certified and trained and innovative chefs will take your global palate with a complimentary lineup and speciality options. You can pair your daily meals with some beverage packages and save a lot on favourite drinks.

I hope that your journey from Dubai to Barcelona on the legends of the seas will be a lifetime and memorable event of your life. Consider the journey of this cruise on your priority while planning a holiday’s tour with your loved ones. You will give them something special with exciting and amazing experience they ever dream of.

A Resort with two Faces – Sandal Ochi

Sandals is famous for their attractive packages for visitors and one such being the ‘play 3 at the cost of 1’ program. But here, at Sandals Ochi, visitors can experience the two sides of vacation staying at the same place. The Beach club and The Caribbean Riviera (Butler Village) are situated in a way that visitors can enjoy the finesse and the chic style of activities, but on the other hand; the Butler Village provides the isolation, privacy and enchanted-ness of natural refuge. The immensity of the resort ensures the dream-like aura and activities for the visitors. True to the pure Jamaican spirit Sandals Ochi Jamaica is another aspect of paradise. Another exciting side of the Sandals Ochi holidays 2016 is the online booking; that will entitle the visitors with many discounts.

Double the Experience

The two resorts, that is, Caribbean Riviera and the Beach Club presents the luxuries, clubs, dance and music of a resort and at the same time peaceful isolation with their partners.

Ochi Beach Club

One of the trendiest beach clubs offers the coolest club experience. The swim up to pool bars provides the best available drinks. The night experience becomes complete with fire pits at the beach and the promenade gives a fulfilling sensation.

French Riviera

Bringing the best out of Sandals Ochi Jamaica, the French Riviera is built facing the sea with the backdrop of rich foliage of trees; thus, giving the complete experience of an island in its natural beauty with its natural surroundings.

Butler Village and Great House Estate

Another aspect of Sandals Ochi is the Butler Village which given an ultimate experience of Butler service among the complete secluded natural beauty of resort. These villas come with 98 private pools alongside the hillside. The Great House offers the relaxation area with two big pools, bars and restaurants.

Fine Dining Experience

Sandals Ochi holidays 2016, offers an endless array of global fine dining choices from 16 restaurants. Located at seaside, over the water, besides the pools or over the hillside; each dining experience satisfies the palate and the romantic experience.

A Resort of Pools

The tourists who fancy the pools as a perfect experience then Sandals Ochi holidays offers more than 100 pools. Each pool serves its own purpose. Main pool, garden pool, manor house pool scuba diving pool, swim up poll bars and 98 private and semi private pools – is like a dream come true.

Tropical Gardens

Sandals Ochi’s hallmark is the tropical gardens. The rich and thick foliage is nothing less than a paradise. It offers a complete escape from the trivialities of the mechanical life.

Sandal Ochi Holidays 2016 at-a-glance

  • Fine dining choices from 16 restaurants
  • World class bars and 3 swim up pool bars
  • Unlimited scuba diving
  • Exclusive ocean view and surrounded by tropical gardens
  • The Caribbean Riviera
  • Beach Club
  • The All-Butler village
  • Unlimited water and land sports
  • 18-hole golf course
  • Red Lane Spa
  • Scuba pool

Sandals Grande St Lucian – Grandest of all

Saint Lucia is a small island, but it is full of unrivaled beauty in the Caribbean region. With moderate tropical weather, this island becomes an ideal destination for the tourists. Coupled with the enchanting allure of Saint Lucia, Sandals Grande St Lucian; offers an unparalleled experience to the visitors.

Sandals Grande St Lucian is an amazing amalgamation of historical air and modern luxuries’ true to its name ‘Grande’. The resort is located on a peninsula where every glimpse and every angle gives a picture perfect view of Caribbean sea on the west and Atlantic ocean on the east; and in the middle and around everything that can be labeled as a piece of paradise. The resort proudly displays such enormous and all encompassing landscape that these become etched on memory forever. Perfect blue sea and lush green hills make Sandals Grande St Lucian a perfect destination for holidays.

Extended Fine Dining Choices

Sandals Grande St Lucian holidays are the ideal time and location to experience the master creations of world’s best chefs. Extending their choices of restaurants Sandals Grande St Lucian has recently started three new restaurants: Bombay Club, Soy Sushi Bar and Kimonos Oriental Cuisine. These additions have made the dining choices to 12 restaurants in totally, with a flavour from every corner of the world.

Beachfront Rondovals

These exclusively built round shaped suites in Sandals Grande St Lucians are the perfect choice to enjoy the nature to the fullest and relish the secluded romantic ambience. These all inclusive suites open into a patio, plunge pool and whirlpool with an outdoor grotto shower. Only steps away from the sea, Sandals Grande St Lucian holidays are perfect for outdoor idle lingering.


Another feature that marks Sandals Grande St Lucian as distinct from other resorts is its classic location on its own peninsula (between the Rodney Bay and Caribbean Sea). At the summit of peninsula there is Fort Rodney constructed during British rule. This dreamy historical but modern location makes it a dreamy refuge for every visitor.

3 X the Fun

Exclusive to Sandals, this island has three Sandals resort with exclusive services at all the three resorts in the price of one. The three resorts: Sandals Regency La Toc, Sandals Grande St Lucian and Sandals Halcyon Beach offer services with their own uniqueness. If the guests are staying at any one of the three, they can travel around and experience the services of the other two without any additional cost. Sandals Saint Lucia, through this 3 in 1 programme expands the dining experience to 27 restaurants, 10 pools, 11 whirlpools and 21 bars; all unlimited and all inclusive. The guests can have an exclusive golf experience, water sports, island exploration and night time entertainment at any one of the resorts with free transport.

Butler Service

The Butler Services during Sandals Grande St Lucian holidays 2016 is up to those levels of excellence where standards are not compromised at any cost. The Butler Services gives the visitors luxurious treatment which is even closer to being pampered. The stay in the suites takes the guests to another level, where every single detail of their stay is taken care of with extra special attention to every action and comfort.

Sandals Grande St Lucian at-a-glance

  • 4 pools
  • Swim up suites
  • Butler service
  • Beachfront Rondovolas
  • On its own peninsula
  • Fine dining choices at 12 restaurants
  • 3 vacations in 1 programme
  • Red Lane spa
  • Unlimited land and water sports
  • Unlimited scuba diving

Resplendent in pure beauty, enchantment and romance; Sandals Grande St Lucian makes a perfect choice for holidays as it is ideally located on Saint Lucia.

Sandals Royal Caribbean Holidays – Colourful Episode of Diversity

Sandals Royal Caribbean Jamaica proudly presents the tradition, ambience and flavours ranging from Britain to Bali. A resort on a private island is built in Georgian style Great-House that is tastefully designed with lush gardens, free roaming peacocks and of course a private beach. As it is offshore therefore it offers privacy and isolation in enchanting natural settings combined with a pool and all inclusive beach activities. Not just the aura of British or Bali traditions, the Sandals Royal Caribbean offers the best traditional Jamaican hospitality. By opening the horizons of luxurious natural experience, one will leave this place with best ever memories.

Windsor Beachfront Club Level Room

These newly renovated rooms located on the ground floor of Windsor building, takes the holiday experience to a new level. Showcasing big patios with a Tranquility Soaking Tub for a couple, gives a perfect view of Caribbean Sea, situated on a very private island. Delightfully decorated visitors can also enjoy Club Sandals concierge services.

Over the Water Villas

Sandals Royal Caribbean holidays come with a complete luxurious package. These over the water villas literally put the guests in the lap of nature. As the villas are built in water in Tahiti style bungalow, therefore the floors are glass made to complete the sensational experience. Making the visitors romantic experience much more unforgettable, the villas are provided with over the water hammock, an infinity pool and personalized butler services. Moreover, boat transfers to and from the other resorts is also provided. It’s all inclusive.

Swim-up Suites

An exciting world class experience to have complete hands on experience of a life on an island is features through these swim-up Crystal Lagoon Suites at Sandals Royal Caribbean Jamaica. Directly stepping out from waters and into the refined furnished suite completes a delightful experience. The Swim-up Suites include Butler and room services, giving a complete solitary refuge.

3 Vacations in 1

Nowhere in the world, can the visitors experience three vacations at the expense of one. All the Sandals resorts in Montego Bay are all equipped with the facilities to provide services to guests from all the three resorts. Sandals Royal Caribbean holidays 2016, takes the visitors to Sandals Montego Bay and Sandals Carlyle, yet again all inclusive.

Butler Service

Sandals Royal Caribbean holidays present uncompromising high standards of Butler services. The Butlers are highly trained to anticipate every need and whim of the visitors, thus giving a complete luxurious experience to visitors.


The pools at Sandals Royal Caribbean Jamaica are the perfect example of comfort in nature. Without evening entering the sea waters, visitors can avail all the pool services languidly with a perfect ocean view. One off shore island pool and five fresh water pools along with others are all equipped with bars featuring the best drinks from the world.

Dining Tradition

Sandals Royal Caribbean holidays proffer a discovery of fine dining. Eight international restaurants with mouthwatering foods can be a bit of challenge to decide which sumptuous delight to discover next. International cuisines in an extremely romantic ambience, makes the whole experience worthwhile.

Sandals Royal Caribbean Holidays at-a-glance

  • Private offshore island
  • 7 main pools and 5 whirlpools
  • Unlimited scuba diving
  • Unlimited land and water sports
  • Swim-up pool bar
  • Unlimited fine dining
  • Stay at one and play at three services

Sandals Royal Caribbean Holidays 2016 can become part of any couple’s dream holiday.

Exotic & Chic – Sandals Nergil

Like any other Sandals Jamaica resort, Sandals Nergil Jamaica is a beautiful blend of tradition, unparalleled natural beauty and elegance with the services to unbelievable standards. All those amazing people who seek sensual pleasures can find Sandals Nergil as an ultimate refuge. The whole ambience of the island is reflected in the resort which is, laid-back, carefree and fun loving. Located at the Seven Mile Beach, visitors can experience the lush green foliage, white sandy beaches and amazing shades of blue of Caribbean Sea. Sandals Nergil Holidays are a perfect sanctuary to experience the true meaning of the word romance.

Seven Mile Beach

The most redeeming feature of Sandals Nergil Jamaica is its setting; located on the legendary Seven Mile Beach, the visitors can practically experience the enchantment of white sandy beach which looks nothing less than white powdery sugar. Calm and peaceful waves add to the languorous air of the place, thus, making Seven Mile Beach as a hallmark for Sandals Nergil holidays that are acclaimed worldwide. The visitors can spend their time on the sun kissed beach along with water sports or the night activities with dance and music.

Sun Loft Suites

Recently transformed, completely innovative loft suites offer languorous sunset view. These suites are artistically located among coconut trees. The interiors of sun loft suites Sandals Nergil Jamaica, comes with modern furnishings, latest bathrooms, patio and the Tranquility Soaking Tubs in the open; to complete a romantic experience at the resort.

Beachfront Walk-out Club Level Rooms

These rooms are located in Paradise block of Sandals Nergil. The best feature is that the rooms are directly located at the beach thus making a direct walk out to beach an amazingly romantic experience. The furnishing is done in tasteful royal style with in room mini bars and king size four poster beds. To give an added luxury, the suites also provide concierge services.

Swim-Up Suites

These swim up suites are designed in such a way that the visitors can directly swim up to the patios of their suites at Sandals Nergil Jamaica. The swim up Crystal Lagoon Suites presents a breath taking ocean view. Stepping out from the soothing waters directly takes the visitors into the pleasantly decorated rooms and Italian glass mosaic tiles. These suites include butler services and 24 hours room service.

Millionaire Plantation Suites

Sandals Nergil holidays 2016 presents the couples an extremely romantically secluded, set in perfect natural surroundings; experience. Totally surrounded by rich plantation, these Millionaire Honeymoon Suites offer an ocean view, with interiors decorated in contemporary furnishings and a plunge pool. To spoil the guests, what can be more delightful than waking up to butler setting up breakfast alongside the pool with an ocean view!

Butler Services

Sandals Nergil holidays 2016 present uncompromising high standards of Butler services. The Butlers are highly trained to anticipate every need and whim of the visitors, thus giving a complete luxurious experience to visitors.

Dining Experience

Unlimited Dining experience has been expanded to the choice 7 different restaurants at Sandals Nergil Jamaica. A large variety of world cuisines are readily available to whet the visitors’ appetite.

Sandals Nergil Holidays 2016 at-a-glance

  • Located at Seven-Mile Beach
  • Every suite and room just seconds away from the beach
  • Beachfront walk-out rooms
  • Swim up suites
  • Room service for 24 hours
  • Selected categories for Butler services
  • Unlimited fine dining
  • Unlimited choice of drinks
  • Unlimited scuba diving
  • Unlimited land and water sports
  • 3 pools and 3 whirlpools with bars
  • Red Lane spa

Swim-up to Your Beachfront Patio