Cruise from Lamego to Porto on Saga Cruises

A distinguished cruise line Saga Cruises offers some outlandish destinations with the view to make your family holidays whimsical. Cruise from Lamego to Porto is taking you to incredible and mesmerising havens aiming to fill your heart with pleasure. With Saga Cruises, you will enjoy elegant and comfortable surroundings, excellent facilities, a well- planned itinerary, delicious cuisine and truly exceptional service. Whether you want to get active, socialise, wish to relax or learn a new skill, you can pick immediately. You can join art and craft classes and can also enjoy live music.

Cruise from Lamego to Porto offers ravishing and dynamic destinations. Stroll through an open-air museum with magnificent historical monuments on display at Salamanca. Wander around the old paving stone streets and discreet squares to discover the rich heritage. Turn your head to the art and Baroque architecture of Lamego. Dazzle with a rich collection of cultural attractions and extravagant Baroque churches at Porto.

Destination Exploration:

  • Lamego, Portugal:

The town of Lamego is sophisticated and imbued with Baroque style. The Principal church, the Se is worthy of a visit. Many renovation and alterations over the years have left little of the original Se. However, the intricate stonework of the exterior and the cloister make it worth seeing. The Porta dos Figo’s gateway arch leads into the narrow streets of the inner town. A somewhat unusual piece of history in the vaulted stone container is also here dating back to the times of Arab rule. The most arresting building of Lamego is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Remedies. It stands gracefully above the town flanked by twin bell towers. Tiled friezes decorate its hundreds of zigzagging stairs.

  • Salamanca, Spain:

The world famous Salamanca University lies in the historic centre of the town. The buildings of the Escuelas Mayores represent the university proper. The most exciting feature of these buildings is the elaborately decorated façade. The original structure was relatively simple. It is an unsurpassed masterpiece of the fanciful architectural style of Plateresque. At the heart of Salamanca lies the beautiful public square that is one of the grandest plazas in Spain. Arcaded three-story buildings in uniform architectural style line the square. There are many cafes and restaurants under the arcades, which makes the square an especially lively scene in the evenings.

  • Porto, Portugal:

Igreja de Sao Francisco is the 18th-century church. A gilded veneer encrusts its Baroque interior. Gilt carving embellishes the high altar, columns, and pillars. Palacio da Bolsa, Porto’s former stock exchange contains a wealth of historical interest. Several rooms and salons divide its sumptuous interior. Each room has its appeal and worthy of scrutiny. After entering the Golden Room, cast your eyes skywards to admire its gilded stucco ceiling. The grandiose Dom Luis 1 Bridge is one of the most iconic structures in Portugal. The bridge’s majestic sweep and two-tier aspect is a binding component in the city’s social fabric.

Dive into the sea of exciting destinations with Saga Cruises. Pop along the historical places and taste the cultural flavour. Get ready and add a bonus to your happiness.


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