5 Amazing Things To Do In St Ives

St Ives is built on a narrow peninsula, dotted with many exotic sandy beaches and has the fortune of having a rich artistic heritage which is celebrated nationally and internationally. The list below is just a few things that you need to do:

  1. Chapel of St. Nicholas

This small chapel is perched on ‘The Island’ of St Ives and is made for St. Nicholas, who is known as the patron saint of children and sailors. Throughout the years, the chapel has served as a place of worship, a look-out for revenue officers in the 18th Century, and a store for the War Office who partially demolished it in 1904. It was restored in 1911 to commemorate the Coronation of King George V. This place is perfect for bird watchers. Discover benches around the chapel for a moment of peace and quiet. Watch the crashing waves fall onto the rocks below.

  1. The Sloop Inn Pub

If you like drinking ale and indulging in fresh seafood, The Sloop Inn is the perfect place. This very old inn has tons of character and cozy sitting area. The pub is known for serving up local ale like Doom Bar and dishes like seafood tagliatelle. Have lunch or dinner from their bar menu or seafood restaurant at very reasonable prices.

  1. The Seafood Cafe

This Cafe offers a selection of fresh local seafood, Cornish meats and a variety of poultry. The mains are accompanied by fresh salads, potatoes, and servings of chips. Who doesn’t like chips? But that’s not it; the best part about this place is that you get to choose your own seafood before eating it! This restaurant is nice for an evening out where you must expect to pay around £20 a person for dinner and drinks.

  1. Beaches

For a town of its size, St Ives is blessed with an abundance of beaches. Not only are they numerous but these are without question some of the best beaches in the world. There are 4 main beaches within walking distance of the town, each with a character of its own. Porthmeor is perhaps the most famous one. It faces into the Atlantic and back on to the Tate Gallery; gives you the opportunity to dive in the water and the heritage. Porthminster is the second biggest and is conveniently located next to the train and bus stations. Too hot a bus ride? Let’s go for a dive! The Harbor Beach is right in the center of town and is a great, safe option to go with family. Porthgwidden is tucked away around the corner from all the hustle and bustle with beach huts available. This is where you go to relax and to get away from the world.

  1. Man’s Head and the Island

The Island is the imposing headland that juts out into the sea from the spit of land that separates the harbor and Porthmeor beach. In ancient times it was a promontory fort but these days it is probably better known as the location of the coastguard lookout. Unsurprisingly, the views out over St Ives and the Bay are spectacular from the top of the Island.


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