Get Something Exciting From Trip-Dubai To Barcelona On Legend Of The Seas

The Legend of the Seas is the ship of Royal Caribbean Vision-class, and the elegant profile of this ship has bene seen worldwide from the Mediterranean boundaries to the Caribbean Sea. The design of ship is the first

An item that strikes the travellers once they board the shipping liner from its deck great atrium to the widespread decks and the use of glass extensively to create airy feeling and light that has ensured the popularity and success of this ship.

If you have planned to spend your holidays in Dubai and Barcelona, it will be the best holiday time you ever enjoy. I suggest travelling on the legend of the seas from Dubai to Barcelona. Your travel starts with a flight to the Dubai where you may spend one night in four or five-star hotel; it is all based on your budget. You will start your sail on the thirteen night’s legend of the seas ship from Dubai, visiting different cities such as Athens, Malta, Suez, and finally Barcelona. It will end with an airline flight back home town.

On the route of beautiful sea vision, you will never miss the sight of why do you come onboard thanks to advanced features from restaurants to technology to new home ports in Lauderdale, FT and Tampa. You can enjoy the experience of the centrum, staterooms, a show of aerial acrobatics and outdoor movie screen. Also, there are new dining sitting experiences onboard that are the family style of an Italian trattoria.

Onboard, there are swimming pools of different sizes raft leisure activities and facilities. For golf lovers, there is a course that repeats the real topography of actual golf course, a gym, a jogging track and fitness centre that offer yoga and aerobics. Some other distractions are a steam room and Sauna and an outdoor spa. Royal Caribbean feels great proud in their family and children facilities that include the programmed Adventure Ocean.

Legend of the Seas offers vacation possibilities for everyone. Here, you can learn salsa dancing and Italian. To conclude the ice stake and rock wall on the equator, you will get the new exciting feeling with duty-free designer shopping and a hot massage. See, learn and do more at sea that you ever imagine.

It also offers a variety of international food to enjoy. From simple cupcakes to California rolls, there is the availability of five-course gourmet meal. Journey in the legends of the Seas cruise is the culinary discovery. They have certified and trained and innovative chefs will take your global palate with a complimentary lineup and speciality options. You can pair your daily meals with some beverage packages and save a lot on favourite drinks.

I hope that your journey from Dubai to Barcelona on the legends of the seas will be a lifetime and memorable event of your life. Consider the journey of this cruise on your priority while planning a holiday’s tour with your loved ones. You will give them something special with exciting and amazing experience they ever dream of.