Utopian Experience in Sandals Jamaica

“It is the fairest island that eyes have beheld”
Columbus said that centuries ago about Jamaica; but amazingly and thanks to our lucky stars, it still is the fairest island. No words can justify the beauty of this small island. One has to be there to experience the rising mountains, running cataracts, mysterious lagoons, cathartic beaches, fun shopping, rich culture and exotic resorts. Sandals Jamaica holidays provides one such experience to encompass the nature in its purest forms, to all those who hanker to be spiritually awaken.

To cover every corner of the island 9 Sandals resorts are located at 4 strategic places on the island, providing a chance for the traveller to take the full advantage of all inclusive Sandals Jamaica holidays 2016. Tourists are not limited to just one part of Jamaica. Through, all inclusive Sandals Jamaica holidays, there is an option to stay at one resort but enjoy the facilities of any of the other three Sandals resorts on the island.

To cater to the popular demands of the visitors, various resorts offer Sandal Jamaica holidays 2016 all inclusive. Online booking entitles one with an instant discount along with other compensations, including the cruises and other in-house facilities. As mentioned earlier, the strategic locations are ideal to enjoy idyllic beach activities or adventurous water sports. At the same time, a trip to the inland can be an exposure to the velvety pool waters of gushing waterfalls. Thus, making Sandals Jamaica holidays a never ending and never forgetting fun.

Sandals Jamaica holidays does not only provide an opportunity to walk through the mesmerizing natural beauty but also gives a unique chance to experience a very rich and hospitable culture. Friendly locals, helpful staff at the resorts and the surrounding nature makes it a worthwhile adventure.

Tropical weather and climate makes this part of the world and ideal and stunning destination. Sandals Jamaica holidays 2016 all inclusive, makes it sure that ideal expectations remain ideal by catering to the senses of all the guests. Some special features of Sandals Jamaica holidays, at these resorts include:

Montego Bay resorts

  • Luscious beaches with reef protection
  • Exclusive suites on water
  • Unlimited fine dining
  • Unlimited scuba diving
  • Stay at one, play at three facilities
  • Land and water sports
  • All inclusive sandal Jamaica holidays packages within the resorts

Negril Resorts

  • White sandy exotic beaches
  • Swim up suites
  • Beachfront walkup rooms
  • Land and water sports
  • Stay at one, play at three facilities
  • Sandals Jamaica holidays 2016 packages within the resorts

Whitehouse Resorts

  • Featured 3 European villages with traditional beachfronts
  • Separate scuba pool
  • Two swim-up pool bars
  • Stay at one, play at three facilities
  • Sandals Jamaica holidays 2016 packages within the resorts

Ocho Rios Resorts

  • The beachfront and hill view
  • Complete privacy
  • Stay at one, play at three facilities
  • Sandals Jamaica holidays with an all inclusive packages

Sandals Jamaica holidays 2016, should be the next Jamaican holidays destination to experience the best combination of luxury and wild adventure.


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