Things To Do At Sandals Grande Antigua Resort

If you are planning for a Sandals Holidays that provide you a lovely combination of luxury, romance and a multitude of different activities and other amusements, Sandal Grande Antigua spa and resort will be an ideal place for you. This multiple adult only and the award-winning resort is situated on the sandy beach of Dickson Bay, a world famous place, few miles away from the St. John Capital. Whether you are selecting between authentic round ovals of Caribbean Grove or Mediterranean village, activities of different kinds in the turquoise blue water of the bay or between different dining and enticing winning choices, the Grande Antigua is not for such people who always make troublesome decisions.

Once you plan your Sandals Grande Antigua Holidays and reach there, it is just like living in a place of paradise. You can also stay at the resorts located at Mediterranean village that offers all elegance and sophisticated European luxury life glimpse. Alternatively, this place has the ambiance and charms of Tropical Island. What kind of accommodation is selected, you reside at Sandals Grande Antigua will give you splendor and lovely Dickenson beach and all other activities on the resort will be at their disposal as well.

The sensations and beauty charms of Sandal Grande Antigua Island with tropical and lush gardens highlighted by the artistic architecture of bougainvillea connected with comfortable and luxuries suites incorporating different Mediterranean elements nestled a white sandy beach again. Modern styled landscaping and designed gardens add a more luxurious feeling of romance and create a great texture for lovers.

There are lots of activities you can do at beachside, including a large range of sport performed at water on offer. These are snorkeling, windsurfing, canoeing, sailing, hydro bikes, and scuba diving. The beach is safe for beginners willing to swim there. You can enjoy countless opportunities to find a healthy and quiet place to enjoy and relax the Caribbean sun.
While coming back to your accommodating resort or a hotel, you can perform many other things. Every resort is having whirlpools for more fun in water, and when feeling tired of seeing water, you can go for billiards, croquet and table tennis on the board games and lawns. Tennis lovers can have few sets in different tennis courts.

People who are work around the year should not miss a chance to plan Sandals Grande Antigua Holidays 2016 trip this season. It will provide them a chance to spend more relaxing time with their loved ones. At Spa services, they can have outdoor or indoor massage and other beauty treatments.


Travelers going there will have a bewildering selection of top-class restaurants ranging from French cuisine to gourmet. You may feel like as you are in the UK while entering the cricketer pub. In short, there is something special to suit the taste of all types of people planned to visit this place. Once you are free from the hustle and bustle of life, make your free moments something special and wonderful.


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