Tips and Advice on Choosing a Western Caribbean Cruise

When contemplating taking a Western Caribbean Cruise, you may feel overwhelmed, especially if this is your first time cruise. You probably feel all at sea, and that’s before you have even boarded the ship!
Questions that are frequently asked include which is the best cruise line to use, what do I need to consider before I book and do I need to do anything afterwards? This simple guideline is designed to take you through the process.

Western Caribbean CruiseItineraries

Western Caribbean Cruisesare extremely popular, taking in the most desirable and exotic destinations. You will discover ancient Mayan treasures, spectacular coral reefs, World Heritage Sites, breathtakingly beautiful beaches and so much more.

However the ports vary, depending on the cruise line you choose, the dates you can travel and the length of the cruise you take. For example, a western Caribbean Carnival cruise may take in Grand Cayman, Belize, Yucatan and Cozumel. Whereas, a western Caribbean cruise Royal Caribbean style will visitRoatan in the Honduras, Belize, Puerto Costa Maya and Cozumel.
You need to consider the dates you can travel, the length of cruise you wish to take and your preference of ports then consult individual itineraries.

Which is the best cruise line for a Western Caribbean Cruise?

Today’s cruise ships are a far cry from those of old, with luxurious accommodation and an abundance of facilities. The majority of the large cruise lines offer cruises of varying lengths. However,western Caribbean Carnival cruises and western Caribbean cruises with Royal Caribbean tend to dominate the market, as they sail here all year round. Both of these cruise lines offer an array of facilities, fine cuisine in the abundance of restaurants on board and a choice of superiorluxury accommodation.

What Do I Need to Consider When I Book a Holiday Cruise?

The first thing you need to consider is your accommodation, alongside your holiday budget. Accommodation on board ranges from the cheaper inside cabins to superior luxurious suites with many added benefits and privileges. For example, ona western Caribbean cruise with Royal Caribbean, you can even elect to have your own private butler, depending on the suite you choose. For those on a budget, the inside staterooms on both a western Caribbean Carnival cruise and Royal Caribbean are ideal. They especially suit people that tend to be on deck or ashore for the majority of the time. It is definitely worth considering increasing your budget to opt for a balcony cabin, not least because of the panoramic views afforded.

Drinks Packages

All inclusive stays on board the cruise ships quite often do not include alcoholic drinks, so this is another matter that needs to be considered. You can purchasea drinks package when you book or prior to sailing. This is usually cheaper then purchasing the package once on board, or buying drinks as you go along when they tend to be more expensive. The prices are usually charged at a daily rate. On a western Caribbean Carnival cruise, the beverage program is Cheers! Whereas on western Caribbean cruises with Royal Caribbean, there is a variety of drinks packages to choose from, with the package including high end brands obviously being the most expensive.

Extras to Consider

Aside from drinks there are other things to consider, for example, any excursions you may wish to book will cost extra. Dining in the main restaurants and other selected venues is included in your holiday price, however for the Speciality Restaurants on board, there is usually a cover charge. Again these are usually best pre-booked beforehand.

What to Pack for a Western Caribbean Cruise?

Think sunshine all the way! So, aside from all those summery clothes, make sure to pack your sunscreen lotion!
There is also a dress code on the majority of cruise ships. For example, on a western Caribbean Cruise with Carnival daytime attire is casual. However, shirts and shoes (a T-shirt and flip-flops will suffice!) need to be worn, even in the more relaxed eating venues throughout the day.

Evening wear tends to be smart casual, however, no cut-off jeans or the like! There are also elegant evenings organised, where more dressy clothes are the order of the day – cocktail dresses and a trouser suit for example. The same rules apply on a western Caribbean cruise with Royal Caribbean.

Book in Style are cruise line specialists and can advise on all aspects of a Western Caribbean Cruise and the various cruise lines/ships. Call us today for further advice on: 0203 764 9592


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